How do I know when God is Speaking?

How do we know when God is speaking to us and showing
us things and how do we know it’s truly God that is speaking to us…. I’m
asking this because I thought that God was truly showing me something, but it
turned out when I confronted this person that everything I thought I knew I
didn’t it

God has spoken through His word. All 66 books of the
Bible are God’s message to all of humanity. If you want to know God’s will, you
must first know His words. In life we must resist making assumptions. This is
why it is important to be… honest with people. Part of God’s will at times
involves confrontation (Matthew 18:15-17). We know this for certain. God always
desires the best for you. It is our duty to learn His ways, so we can avoid
many of life’s pitfalls. Again, God has already spoken through the Bible. It is
up to us to learn what he has said so we can apply it in every situation.
Nothing should conflict with what he has already said. Study His words and your
discernment about what He is saying and not saying will increase.

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